Friday, 19 September 2008

newsprint flowers- a tutorial

Want to create your own positionable flowers? Its easy and they look really cool! All you need is

  • a coffee filter
  • some white glue
  • a glue stick
  • 26 gauge wire
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ink
  • a piece of newpaper

First gather all of your supplies. The newsprint I used has some kind of grass or bark stuff in the background which makes it more brownish and rustic looking. you could also use any pattern paper or scraps you have to alter this.
These flowers are positionable! You can bend them, curl the petals and give them shape. They are a great embelishment to any project.

The ink i used was tea dye distress ink, stampin up chocolate chip and bronze pigment ink.
Next draw your flower on the coffee filter. I like to do mine freehand but you could use a template or try a punch. I later discovered it is best to have an even number of petals but it doesnt matter to much.
After you cut the flower out use the glue stick to paste it onto the back of your newsprint or pattern paper.
Sorry about the sideways pic, i forgot to rotate it. anyway... next give the flower a medium coat of white glue. cut a lenth of 26 gauge wire that is long enough to go across the diameter of 2 petals across from each other. squish it into the glue. Do this until you have wire on each petal. This is why an even number is better... if you do have an odd number just cut a shorter piece for the last petal.
Cut a random piece of coffee filter big enough to cover your flower. Cover one whole side with glue using the glue stick and lay it on top. Press evenly to make it smooth.

Next cut around the outline of your flower through both newspaper and coffee filter. try bending the petals. Look at that great shape you can get!
This is what the back should look like. It doesnt matter that you can see the wire.
Ink the edges if you would like to give it a rustic, distressed look.
See the finished product? great look hey! I will post an example project using this flower tomorrow. If you liked this tutorial let me know by leaving a comment. I would love your input :)


Anonymous said...

Once I get back into scrapbooking I might actually try that one:)

Unknown said...

That is a fun tutorial, thanks for sharing!!!
The project that you made with it is darling too!

annielou said...

This is a great project ... I will be doing this ......I did find it a little difficult to read your instructions . . . because of the color of your font . . .