Tuesday, 10 March 2009

post it book - a tutorial

A quick tutorial on my special post-it note booklet! I have made a few of these and they are very handy to carry in a purse or just leave on a desk. I am always thinking of brilliant ideas and then promptly forgetting them. If I have somewhere to write it I will remember it. Start with a rectangular piece of pattern paper. It is best to use double sided paper because some of both sides will show. The post-it notes I used were 3 by 5 inches. Any size will work but you will have to make your own measurements.
After you cut and score your paper, take about 10- 15 sticky notes off the top of your stack and place them on the middle panel of the book. No additional adhesive is nessesary. Add an envelpoe string closure or some other embelishment to finish it. It also looks good to ink the edges of the book on one or both sides.

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