Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chinese Food Box

This is a project I have been perfecting for a while. I was inspired when I recieved some cookies that came in the cutest little box! I decided to take the box apart and make a pattern from it. I had to shrink it alot to get it to fit on a piece of cardstock so this one is pretty small but cute.
I actually lined the box with wax paper. This would prevent the cardstock from being damaged if I were to put goodies in the box. I used a piece of coat hanger for the handle but this was quite hard to bend. I would suggest something lighter.
The matching card is a cute idea if you were going to use it for a gift. To make a box like this, you can use the template I have created! Just copy the picture to Word, make it as big as your page and then print it right onto your cardstock. It is pretty easy to see how to folt it once you get it all cut out. If you are having issues I am ready to help :)


Cassie said...

That is the coolest thing heather!! You have so much patience to do that, but I think it turned out pretty awesome :)

Kat said...

That's a beautiful box!!! Looks vintage and delicate. I'm gonna use this idea for future projects, thank you :)