Wednesday, 24 June 2009

dogs are just kids with fur

Well I had a crazy day. Some would say it was an awful day but I try to be positive. I got very lost in the big scary city. I am pretty tired so sorry about the dullness.Anyway, here is a recent layout I did. I love this photo of my dog because it captures his very rare lazy mood. He is such a funny guy.
I found this title in a book I have and I think it really suits Rocky. He is noisy, immature, hyper, a tad rude, he requires naps, and is very cute. All child-like qualities :)
The ribbon I used has wire in it so it was easy to shape into a ruffle. I then adhered it to the paper and stiched over it. The "buttons" are actually just chipboard circles I stiched on.

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paige thomson said...

Thats a cool picture a like it.