Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Grungeboard Tutorial

Here is my crackle paint on grungeboard technique. I think it looks really cool with a bright ink under it. So first you cover your grungeboard piece with ink. I like to use a marker. Make sure you also colour the edges.
Next use a darker ink to distress it. You could use your piece just like this! It looks neat.
Paint your grungeboard with a coordinating colour of crackle paint. I love this stuff!
While you wait for the paint to dry you can occupy yourself by cleaning up your mess! Well thats what I do anyway... When it is dry I like to add more distress ink.

Here is the finished product! You can tell how much brighter it looks with the extra ink. Sometimes if your distress ink is new you can see the embossing in a darker shade because of the inking. Mine only worked a bit.

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paige thomson said...

You should make a head band out of these things.