Saturday, 22 August 2009

New York Trip - Times Square

What a gorgeous weekend we are having here! It hasnt been this hot all summer! Yesterday our thermometer said 38*C. That was in direct sun though. In the shade it was still 30*C. I am loving this and I hope I will get to work on my tan :)This page was hard for me. I was trying to use a gorgeous Times Square sticker that was pretty big but it was taking away from the pictures. Instead I tried to keep it simple with no patterned paper and small embelishments. The photos are just so busy and I wanted to capture how they make me feel.
I cut out the title on the Cricut machine at work. I used the printing press cartridge because I like how the letters are all different fonts.
I hand cut chipboard wings, inked them blue and put a layer of white glue on top for the shiny look. I also used a red vintage ticket I printed off the computer and a barcode off some paper. (it reminds me of shopping in Times Square)

I stamped with a journal block to make the red dots overtop of the paint. The corners were just drawn with a black pen.


Cassie said...

You finished it! It looks great! Way to make the best out of a hard set of pictures.. :)

Cassie said...
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