Sunday, 9 August 2009

Organization Tip 6

So I have been slacking on my plan to share tips all the time but I have finally found somthing worth sharing! Do you see anything new on my desk here?
It is a drawer unit thing! I remember using this for beads and tiny treasures a few years ago but it has been in storage for a while. I decided to get it out and clean it up! As you can see there are still drawers to fill! that means I can buy more stuff! YAY!
In the bottom row of drawers I have all my letter chipboard organized! I have been needing a system because I hate searching through all my letters just to find out I have no "e" or somthing. I divided each bottom drawer into 4 sections and so now each letter has it's own section! I love this so far.
On all the other drawers I used my DYMO machine to label things. You would be surprised how excited I am about this whole organization breakthrough. I can't wait to create!

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Jill said...

This is great! I am trying to get organized right now so I have been on the lookout for organizational ideas. I love that you have your chipboard organized--it's such a simple idea but I can see how it would really make things easier. Thanks for sharing!