Wednesday, 7 October 2009

getting back into routine

-Sorry Bloggers! I have been pretty busy these past weeks. I have not posted or been creating near as much as I would like to. September was busy getting back into school and grade 11 has had alot of homework so far.

-I have also started my winter sport ringette recently. Some new arrangements and changes to my team situation have had me pretty stressed. I am glad to finally be settled with that now.

-I have been working about every second Saturday at the scrap store and am still loving that. I wish I had time to work more. I bet not alot of people can say that.

-Also I am crazilly following the Calgary Flames. I am proud to say they have won their first 3 games of the season! WOOT! I sure do miss Cammalleri though. We played Montreal last night and it was super sad to see him in the wrong jersey.

-Hopefully my crafting will become more frequent very soon. I have been working on a video tutorial to post on youtube and have been going through a modpodge phase. I have started collecting clothing tags and barcodes for projects. Don't judge till you see my creations :) it is weird but pretty cool.

-I have some cool news to share! One of my camping layouts was featured on a camping blog yesterday! Check it out at Picture Camping

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