Saturday, 14 August 2010

art journal - born to roam

I have several pages completed in my art journal so hopefully I will find time to do a journal flip video soon. I really love the creative outlet this provides... seriously, everyone who tries it says this but its just so fun! For this page I first glued down some dictionary text. The wetness made it tear a bit so I just tore it some more. I added some watercolour, some tape, paper lace and pastels.on top are some 7G stickers and rub ons.
I love the look of the blue pastel border here, just adds another pop of colour. "love the journey, love the adventure, create the art" This sticker is just so true for me because one of the main reasons I love to travel is because of all the photography and scrapbooking opportunities.
The "born to roam" sticker to me, makes me think of traveling again. Mostly I create a page and as it progresses, I begin to figure out what it means to me. The page decides where it is gonna go and it is my job to interpret it.

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J Cormack said...

I really like this one! Maybe because it's a little different than the other ones you've shown us. Wow! I'm starting to think I might have to try this! It certainly does look like a lot of fun.