Monday, 1 November 2010

art journal - the storm

Sorry for the sporadic posts, or lack of posts in general. Life has been crazy busy... I doubt its gonna get any less busy, but I will still try to post more! I am quite sad about the mere one post last month, but hey, what can you do :) I havent done any seasonal creations yet (halloween was to busy!) hoping for a good Christmas creation turnout. This is an art journal page I made some time ago. I love this quote. To me it means opportunities in life dont always come at a convenient time, they must be taken when you can get them.
I have been trying to upload a journal flip to youtube but it keeps failing. Not sure why! You can look forward to a mini album from me in the near future! I created an anniversary album for my parent's 25th last month.


J Cormack said...

Wow! It's beautiful Heather!

TopazPearleGirl said...

Love it!