Monday, 2 May 2011

The Unknown

I am sure everyone has some sort of fear in life and recently I have discovered mine. It is the unknown. Right now I am trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life after completing grade 12. Just thinking about it frightens me a little and I wish I just knew what I was meant to do/be.


Unknown said...

I love your journal is beautiful...having a purpose in life is important...but a career isnt everything. I was so motivated when I left school to go to uni and become a teacher...I knew what i wanted to do and never really stopped to think about it. 10 years of teaching later and I wonder what I might have done if I had thought about it a bit more. My advice is think about what makes you happy and follow your heart.
Alicia xx

Jennifer M said...

What a neat page! Just think when your an old lady you can show these off to all your company and children and grandchildren! You'll be able to show them just how crafty you are! And you'll probably blabber some nonsense like "I was once your age, and went through the same kind of stuff your going through now." Old ppl always say that... :)