Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Interior Design Portfolio

as some of you may know, I have spent the last 2 semesters in Open Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I have been taking many art history courses, all of which have been very fun for me. It is that time of year where there are many deadlines for me and today I submitted my Design portfolio! I have been conditionally accepted into the Interior Design Degree at Mount Royal for Fall 2012. The second part of the admission process involves a portfolio assignment. There are about 4 parts to it and below I will show you one of those parts.This is the image that they gave to all of the possible Design students. It is a colour photo that is 4x4 inches. We were to sketch it using graphite pencil only and enlarge it to a final 8x8 inch image.
This is my sketch of the original photo. We will be evaluated based on things such as line quality, drawing skill, shading, transparency, and translucency. I hope the evaluators like it!


Jordan said...

Wow! Great job! Good luck!

Caroline said...

Thats really well done, you're very talented! said...

Did you get accepted?