Thursday, 12 April 2012

Polymer Clay Charms

I have recently started up with the polymer clay fad. I was first inspired by all the wonderful artists on Youtube who make these adorable and small charms. Many people make Japanese inspired characters but because I have no knowledge on that subject I will likely stick to cute animals or everyday objects. I have done other charms since these ones but have not photographed them yet. Hopefully I will get a video up soon too! I hope you like them!This tiger is completely my own creation (as far as I know!), as I was inspired by a stuffed animal I have.
I have seen many people make cameras similar to this one, but I have added my own touch to it.
Here they all are together! The dinosaur is a version of a stuffed animal I have had all my life. His name is Sammy the Sleepasaurus. Many people have done angry birds but this too is my own version.
For more inspiration try looking on Youtube for other polymer clay creations. Stay tuned for more from me also!

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Wow!!! These are awesome Heather! I love your Sammy one!