Monday, 28 May 2012

Hunger Games Charm Necklace

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and a good start to the new work week. I know I am ready for a break! This was my weekend on, so after tomorrow I will have worked for 8 days straight! I am looking forward to my day off on Wednesday for sure!
Anyway, on to the crafty project! As expected I have not had much time for crafting, so today you will get to see something that i made a couple weeks ago. This necklace was part of my Mother's Day gift (previously mentioned on my Mother's Day post). It is a Hunger Games Charm creation made from polymer clay! Here is the video that I posted on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed this project! Please let me know what you thought and tell me if you have any project requests! Thanks for visiting!

Katniss charm inspired by jellyfishcharms chibi hairstyles tutorial

My clay rose tutorial

Arrow inspired by 0903photography


Lorie said...

Love it!!! You are so inspiring to me!

Unknown said...

Randomly found you on YouTube, and now I'm loving your blog! Wondering if you would be willing to make anything hunger games necklace, I'd really like to purchase one from you! Super unique, and I'm not talented enought to recreate it myself :( please email me,