Sunday, 30 September 2012

Polymer Clay Dragon Tutorial and UPDATE!

I hope you all have had a smooth transition back into school days (whether you are going back yourself or sending the kids back!). I sure know how crazy September can be! My first month has literally flown by! Anyway, here is a video I posted on youtube a bit ago and never got posted here! Sorry to my poor neglected blog... and its readers! But I hope you like this cute little clay dragon!

 So now for the life updates to those of you who are interested and still reading! My program has gotten really busy and I haven't had time to create anything non school related. This week I have 2 midterms (already! Eek! First one tomorrow!) and 3 projects that are due! Hopefully I will survive till Friday because then for Thanksgiving (yes, in Canada) I am going camping! Can't wait!

Hopefully I will get around to sharing some of my completed and upcoming school projects. I have a very interesting and personal project that I created inside of a vintage suitcase! I have already handed it in and only have bad quality pictures of it on my cell phone, but I will take some better ones to share when I get it back. I also have a couple more to complete that will be fun to share (all of our projects are really fun and creative, I love my program!).

This weekend I got to go on an art walk around town. We visited about 10 people's houses and got to see some of their amazing creations and even some in-home studios! I am so inspired, but have no time to create anything right now! Can't wait till I do! Sometimes I wish I could just create some massive mixed media canvases and maybe even sell them! Just dreaming.. :)

Some luck and prayers would be greatly appreciated for the week ahead! I hope you all have a wonderful one! Thank you all for visiting, watching, and reading!


Nancy said...

So good to hear an update, Heather! I haven't had time to watch your video yet but I've got it saved in my "watch later". Sounds like busy but fun days! Just remember that you're young and you have lots of time to fulfill those dreams of massive mixed media canvases and anything else you're inspired to create! Just keep track of them all and come back to them! Oh, and prayer is my specialty so I'll do that! One project at a time, my friend! You can do it!...Nancy :o)

Jordan C said...

Glad you are enjoying your program! Definitely can't wait to try out some of your ideas with the dragon!!! It's so cute!