Monday, 3 September 2012


I successfully moved into my dorm room yesterday! I have 3 other roommates, but each of us have our own bedrooms! We share the kitchen, living area and 2 full bathrooms. We still have a lot of stuff to sort out and food to buy, but all is going well so far! I will have to get used to the city noises as I am used to sleeping in complete silence! Anyway, here are some pictures!
Above is a view of my bedroom. We are on the ground floor so unfortunately I don't have much for privacy. Luckily I do have a blind though!
This is easily the biggest closet I have ever had! My first walk-in, yay!
Here is my current desk setup and yes, my blog is open on my laptop!
This is our kitchen and I love the blue wall!
Our living room is a bit boring right now but hopefully we can find ways to decorate. If you have any tips for decorating rentals I would love to hear them! we cannot put any holes in the walls so it might be a bit of a challenge!
Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend!


J Cormack said...

It looks great Heather! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!

Unknown said...

Since you can't put holes in the wall try wall decals!! I have them all over my apartment :)