Thursday, 18 October 2012

Interior Design Project One

Here is my first Interior Design Project! It is for my Design One class, hope you like it!
The write up that I did to clarify my design reasoning can be read below:  

Design Reasoning:
 I left the exterior of the suitcase undecorated because I am a fairly simple person from an outsider’s perspective. I keep a lot of things hidden inside of me, so I designed the suitcase to have many exciting things to look at on its interior. These things are layered and some are intended to be hard to decipher which reflects a few of my personal characteristics.

I painted the interior black because it starkly contrasts the lighter exterior, just as my inner personality contrasts my outer appearance. The inside is filled with many brightly coloured images, sketches, and artifacts because I am generally a very positive and happy person.

 Many of the elements may appear jumbled at first but they are actually very organized. They are grouped together in order of subject, but are in no particular order. This accurately demonstrates that some aspects of my life are perfectly in place while other things are in disorder.

 I used mostly photographs to visually represent aspects of my life because photography is very important to me. The photos that I have taken are very precious to me. I think it is important to capture everyday moments so that I never forget them. I remember almost every story behind each picture. They evoke such powerful memories that I can almost see, hear, smell, and touch the sights or experiences.  

Past: Travel has been a huge influence on my life. It has opened my eyes to the world; I am more aware of other cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs that people have and I respect their differences. I feel as though I appreciate the world around me even more now.

Present: I have recently moved out on my own and it symbolizes this new experience. I feel as if I am “living out of a suitcase” in a way because I have not yet found where I belong in the world. My parent’s house still feels like home, yet sometimes I feel like a guest there too. Half of my stuff is still there and the other half is with me. My possessions are divided just like I am.

Future: The suitcase also symbolizes the future because I have a long journey ahead of me. I will likely move several more times, do some more traveling, and hopefully find my place in the world so that I can unpack for good.  

Main Photo:
I took this photo on a gorgeous summer day in 2011. I was driving home down our gravel road when I noticed how beautifully green the grass was, how blue the sky was, and how perfectly fluffy the clouds were. I pulled over to snap a few pictures and managed to capture this moment. I think this image perfectly represents me because when I look at it I feel at home. I think of this picture every time I drive down our road. Its bright colours suit my personality and make me feel happy. No matter where I am I can always look up and see the same sky that floats over the place where I belong: my home.

 Clover Photo:
I took this photo this summer out behind my house in the field. It has a similar meaning to me as my main photo. I think of my last summer at home, living life to its fullest, living in the moment, and taking time to notice even the tiniest of things. Again, I love the bright colours and it makes me feel very happy.  

I used copies of letters I have written to myself as well as letters other people have written to me. All of them play a very significant role in my past and present. They are intended to be illegible so that only I know what they say. There are also many things layered on top of them because I have many aspects to my personality, all of which play off of one another.  

Tiger Postcard:
This is an image of my favourite tiger at the Calgary Zoo. Khasam passed away in 2004 from terminal cancer. I spent countless hours prior to this outside of his enclosure watching him closely. He taught me so much about the world that I will never forget.  

Photo Booth Images:
All of these image strips were taken over the course of my middle and high school years. They show the differences and similarities in my group of friends over the years. Some friends I came to know through school activities and sports, while others I have known all my life and am still close with today. My friends have always and will always be very important to my identity.  

New York Times Square Painting:
This is a 4’x4’ mural that I painted at the end of grade 12. It is now hanging in my high school and I feel as if it was the perfect way to leave my mark on something that was a huge part of my life. In grade 10 I went on a school trip to New York City and was very inspired. This painting reveals some social and political issues that I have witnessed, not only in New York, but here in Alberta too. I used many printed images and magazine-cut words to demonstrate my understanding of these issues. Most of the words that I have used in this project have been cut from magazines or ads, which symbolizes my love of this painting. I feel like this work accurately displays my critical outlook on the world that is all around us.  

My Parents and My Relationship:
My boyfriend has been one of the largest influences in my life over the last 2+ years. He has brought me closer to the people and things that I already loved and has introduced me to many more people who I now consider my second family. Through images, I have compared our relationship to the relationship that my parents have. I admire them so much and I hope that Andrew and I will always have that same bond.  

 I have used some images and words that symbolize my admittance into the Interior Design program. This has been my main goal over the last year and now that I am finally here, I am preparing to set some new goals. I hope to someday be a residential designer. I also have hopes to get married and start a family, but not for several years. I have always known exactly what I wanted, but in the last few years all of my plans have changed. I am very happy with where I am in life and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Though I have explained several aspects of this project, I feel like there is so much more that I cannot put into words. Much of it is intended to be interpreted, but all of it was done with complete intention. I hope this write up has made my thought process clearer and easier to understand.


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Jordan C said...

Wow Heather! It's beautiful! Great job! I love how you used symbolism in this project and how you organized it. Amazing job! And you get bonus points for Khasam, just because he is awesome. The format (suitcase) is a great idea.