Monday, 18 March 2013

Art Journaling Update and Inspiration

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am currently uploading a video to Youtube of my Art Journal and in the video I also discuss some "lack of rules"/ideas to get your started for your own journal. The list usually reminds me what is important about the art that I do. Scroll to the bottom of this post to read that list!

Ideas to get you started:
-there are no rules
-find inspiration anywhere
-pour out your built up feelings
-pages do not have to be “pretty”
-let loose and relax
-try some 2 page spreads
-pages do not have to be completed in order
-one page does not have to be “finished” before another is started
-express what you feel with colour, symbols or words
-be messy!
-play with colour combos
-add multiple layers
-no thinking required, just create

Supplies to try in your art journal:
-acrylic paint
-watercolour paint
-oil pastels
-washi tape
-paper flowers
-chipboard letters
-embossing powder
-scrapbook paper
-dictionary paper
-tissue paper
-die cuts
-found materials
-glimmer mist

I hope these ideas and images have provided some inspiration! Thank you so much for visiting and please check out my Youtube if you are interested in seeing a new Art Journaling video! It should be live very soon!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

some much needed art journaling

Last weekend I had a few minutes to embellish a background I was experimenting with in my art journal. I believe that pages do not need to be completed in one sitting! Also, one page does not have to be complete to start a new one! I started the background several months ago, but it spoke to me at the time, so I decided to add to it
I did a lot of layering with colour, mediums, and found materials. I love the way the red and blue sprays came out on the library card part. To me, this page is about how much I miss playing ringette this year and the dream I have to eventually get back into it.
Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!