Monday, 8 April 2013

The Final Crunch

The final crunch time is upon all of us University students! It is my last week of classes and, being a design student, this means I have all my final projects due within a few days. Today I felt pretty successful so I decided to take the evening off even though I probably shouldn't. Last week I worked for usually 12-14 hours per day in the studio and this week I suspect a few all nighters are ahead of me. Oh the life of a design student! I really do love what I do, but there are many sacrifices (ie: sleep).
Anyway, today I finished off two big projects! Below are some photo collages of them!
The above pictures are of my Design class final project. I was to create and imaginary client and design a condo space based on an exterior shell I was given. This is called a maquette model (plan and elevation are drawn, but nothing is actually 3D). I used a combination of copic markers and water colour paints.
Above are pictures of my Design Communication final project. I was to find a photo of an actual space, recreate its plan and elevation, use these to create a technical perspective, and then render it all using water colour paint. I then had to scan all the images and create an 11"x17" bound booklet.
I wanted to include these last 2 pictures so that you would all know that I do get out every so often. This weekend my church league ball team had their first tournament! It was pretty chilly (note the thick ice on the fence and even the Tim's cup) but we managed to play 3 games on Saturday! I feel like these truly describe a typical Albertan April: still nasty here!
Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I hope it is warmer wherever you are visiting from!

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Jordan C said...

Looking awesome Heather! Good luck with the all nighters! I realize it's a baseball diamond, but am I the only one who finds it ironic that your proof that you get out is a picture of a chain link fence? :P