Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Design Final Third Semester

I completed this project for my Design class in my third semester of my Interior Design Degree. We were to design a house for a client living in the community of Marda Loop in Calgary. My concept was "Rising from the Ashes"; that the family had gone through some kind of unexpected loss. The new house symbolizes their new beginning. The verticality of the living area represents the growth that they have done. The finishes are a combination of rustic (to represent their past that they do not want to forget) and contemporary (to represent their optimistic future). I know this is very different from my usual posts, but this is the sort of thing I have been focusing on all semester while neglecting everything else. I hope you enjoy peeking into the other main part of my life besides crafting!

All drawings for this project were done using Copic Markers, pencil crayon, and fine liner on Copic or Canston marker paper.

The photos were all taken with my phone, so sorry for bad cropping and quality.
Dining area bench seating.
 Double height living area and LED lit glass stairs.
 Exterior view or NW corner.
 Materials board, a mix of rustic and contemporary.
The final presentation boards: 1. Site Plans and Exterior, 2. Section looking East, 3. Section looking West, 4. Section looking North and Dining Perspective, 5. Living area Perspective and Master Bedroom Perspective

Monday, 16 December 2013

Class Projects

So much has happened in the last several months and my blog has been severely neglected! I feel as though I am only able to really give one thing my full attention and that has been school lately. I hope to catch up on many things over this Christmas break; one thing being my blog an Youtube channel. I have done several projects but almost all have been for the purpose of teaching a class. I have loved diving into teaching at Scrapbooker's Paradise, it has really been a blessing. I have included pictures of several of my class projects below.
 This was my latest class: 6 Christmas tags. Simple yet very useful.
 The first class I taught (which actually ran twice) were these mixed media tags. They were a lot of prep work, but very fun to get mess while creating.

 I also did an Art Journaling class where we created the journal and completed 3 pages inside of it. Again, a very fun and messy one! (click to view larger size)
And finally, the pocket page class. This was a new realm for me too and i really enjoyed trying something new. We created four travel themed pages. (click to view larger size)

I have been working on a December Daily this month and I hope to share the progress here and on Youtube soon. I hope you keep an eye out for that! I am also thinking about posting some of my Interior Design projects as they have made a very large leap in progress since last year. I am thrilled to have completed my third semester and am looking forward to finding a job for my internship this summer!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great holiday season!