Friday, 12 December 2014

Life Update

It has been too long! I miss blogging, making videos, and most of all of the amazing people that I have gotten to know through these things. It has just been a very crazy few years of my life. Crazy good that is, but also crazy busy. I am in my final year of the Interior Design program and it has never left me much time for anything else. On top of that I managed to find the time to GET MARRIED this summer! I love my husband so much and I am so delighted that i get to spend the rest of my life with him. I look forward to all that life will bring us! In this post I just wanted to talk a bit about our wedding and the great honeymoon that we had. I will soon be posting updates about my December Daily that I am starting and I am currently uploading a video for that on Youtube!

Above is a pic from our engagement photo session with our wedding photographer, Chris. You may remember engagement photos that were done 2 winters ago right after we actually got engaged (done by my lovely friend Paige) but these came with our wedding package and it was great to have summer photos done too.
 Chris really captured some great shots!
 One of my favourites from our wedding! We are still waiting on more to come, can't wait to see them!
 For our honeymoon we went on a two week road trip to the US. We camped most of the way and only stayed in hotels for two nights. We drove south from where we live (Calgary, AB) and down through Montana. We then drove West across Idaho and the top of Oregon to get to the coast. We drove North up the West Coast (the furthest South we went was to Newport) and then headed back home through BC. We stopped in the Canadian Rockies to meet up with some of Andrew's family for a fun offroading weekend trip to end our big trip. It was a wonderful experience and we both had an amazing time!
 Sunset pic by Andrew taken at Boardman Park, Lake Umatilla, Oregon
 Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport
 An amazing place where we ate at the Newport Bayfront, loved it! (Ocean Bleu at Gino's)
 The Bayfront, Newport
 Steven's State Park Campground beach, Astoria, Oregon
 Golfing at a very casual place in Astoria, my first time! (We were terrible)
 Seattle, Washington
Pike Place Market, Seattle
 Pike Place Market, Seattle
On the road home!

We saw so many beautiful things on our trip but I don't want to bore you with too much at once! Thanks for stopping by!

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Nancy said...

It's so good to see a new post from you! Huge Congratulations on your marriage! Thanks for sharing the photos...they're beautiful!
I'm excited to hear that you've got a new video! Can't wait to see it, and your upcoming crafty posts too! :o)