Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Polymer Clay Fairy Houses

Hello all! As promised, here are some of the fairy houses that I have been working on! I actually built a landscape scene for some of them to sit on too, but I will have to share that later when I get the finishing touches on it. These houses are only about 3.5" tall, they apparently seem much bigger in pictures I am told!
I created these two colourful houses for Mother's Day. The mint green one was given to my mother-in-law and the blue one was given to my mom. Both are such wonderful ladies and I wanted to show how much I appreciate them!
I made them into fairy gardens too, and I am so pleased with how they turned out!
My mom has an obsession with outhouses, so her fairies have to live with going to the bathroom outdoors. I do like how this tiny outhouse turned out though!
The following houses are what I built for my landscape scene. There is also a water wheel house (not pictured) that I have not photographed yet, but they make a pretty cute set.
Below is the first house I made and it is still my favourite!
This house was built on top of a glass vile. The window has actual glass in it and the roof comes off.
The detail in the windows on this church was probably the most challenging part. I would really like to make bigger windows that look like stained glass on another building at some point!
This treehouse was probably the most fun to make, mostly because I have always had a child-like obsession with them. The ladder leads to a platform and there are wood pieces that spiral down the back of the tree trunk to the ground.
Thanks for stopping by! There will certainly be more of these fun clay creations in the future as they are so much fun to make!

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Nancy said...

WOW!! They are absolutely incredible, Heather! I love all the fabulous detail! I have always had a thing for any kind of little house, so I really LOVE these! The tiny little biffy just cracks me up! Thanks for sharing them! :o)