Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Domain Name Change

Hello beautiful people! I have recently changed my blog's domain. Previously it was found at, but if you try to visit that site it will now redirect you to All the content is the same and I am keeping my years of previous blog posts. I feel that this is a much needed change, as my previous link was a bit long and annoying, as well as unprofessional.

I also have a website that I use more for my interior design career branding, but it is also linked here in the new tabs above. The site for that is, and for whatever reason, if you don't type in the "www" of my new blog domain it will take you there instead. At least it is cohesive now! If you do get lost and go to the wrong one, both pages are linked on each other (if that makes ANY sense.. it is a loop anyway).

I thought I would leave you with a sneak peek of tomorrow's Just Print It project! Don't forget to return to get the free printable!

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