Thursday, 26 November 2015

December Daily Chat: Getting Started and Staying Motivated

Hello all! I hope you are having a fantastic week! Happy Thanksgiving to any American readers, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and fun-filled long weekend! Today I am sharing a fun little chatty video with you on my current favourite topic: December Daily! In this video I discuss what DD daily is, some common approaches to it, how to get started, and how to stay motivated throughout the month of December. I hope that you find my tips to be useful and please let me know if you have any questions. I would also love to see what you are doing for DD this year, so feel free to leave me a comment linking me to your projects and I will be sure to check them out!

Here is a list of everything I discussed in the video if your prefer to see it in written form!

December Daily Motivational Tips
What the options are:
  •  Journal /Diary Style: add events of each day on the day that they happened (what I prefer)
  • Ali Edwards: one story per day (even if it didn’t happen on that day)
  • Daily prompt style (“what I love about Christmas” ect.
  • There are many other variations and I suggest just doing what you are comfortable and excited about.
How to do it:
  • Sit down each day and complete the page for the day that just happened
  • Sit down to complete a few days at a time and "catch up" (what I prefer)
How to get started:
  • Buy or create a kit: this will limit the products at your disposal and help to make decisions easier. It will also help your album to look a bit more cohesive and thoughtful.
  • Select items that excite you: this will help you to stay motivated later on. It also helps if you are familiar with the items (if you have never been good at using buttons, don't put a whole bunch in your kit. This is not the best time to challenge yourself, as staying on track is often a challenge anyway)
  • Organize your kit: I use an Iris container and an embellishment box. This will help you to easily find everything when you need it.
  • Plan your pages or pre-make (optional): I always have an idea of what my pages are going to look like (I precut cardstock pages and make pockets if that’s what I am using) and some people like to title and embellish their pages before-hand (which works better for those who are doing more of a prompt journal/"what I love about Christmas" style)
  • Print at home: It is a really good idea to do this (even for completing a few days at a time) because it saves so much time and not wanting to go all the way to the print shop can become an easy excuse to fall behind.
How to stay motivated:
  • Be excited about December Daily! Follow people who are working on it too and let their pages inspire you.
  • Get the family involved: have them save tickets, take pictures of themselves, and encourage them to get in the Christmas spirit.
  • Do fun things: I always find that I am more willing to go out and do fun things in December because I want to put it in my album! If you have exciting events to go to, you will want to document them.
  • On days that there is nothing going on: this is where I do occasionally follow prompts. Journal about your favourite holiday traditions or memories, even if there is no picture to go along with it.
  • If (when) you do fall behind: keep a simple record of what you want to document for each day in your planner or on a list and remember, you can always "catch up"! Many people work on it for several months following December.
o   The memories we record change over time. The story I would have told the day something happened would be different than the one I tell months later. This is not a bad thing. Sometimes we are able to discuss deeper things after taking a step back (why did the pretty lights on the tree inspire me so much… ect.)
o   Despite this, I still prefer to finish soon after December ends because I love flipping through it and seeing everything right away. I also do not like leaving a project unfinished.

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Jordan C said...

Such a helpful video! I didn't get a chance to do a December Daily last year, but I am super excited to do my first one this year and this video has lots of great ideas and tips!