Friday, 26 February 2016

Cameras that I use for Scrapbooking and Why

Hello all! I have been thinking about this post/video for awhile because I believe that a lot of beginner scrapbookers wonder what tools they should purchase first. To me, the choice is obvious - you need to start with a device that will take pictures!

Photos are a very important aspect to telling a story through scrapbooking. Sure, lots of people find ways to create beautiful layouts that tell a story without a photo, but that has never been my strength, or likely not the strength of the majority. In this video I will discuss the four major cameras that I use for taking photos and videos with project or video clip examples! I hope that you enjoy!

Above is the name of the tripod that I use. I find it to be very sturdy and adjustable. Unfortunately I have no idea where this was purchased because my dad gave it to me many years ago.
I created this page using a single Instax picture! Typically I try to include larger or multiple photos, but in this case I wanted the small photo to really stand out. This pages serves as the title page to my honeymoon album that I recently shared in parts one and two.
This is a more common way that I would use an Instax photo. Here I included it with other photos from the same event/location and it serves to add a unique quality to the page. The angle white frame of the Instax photo is balanced by the angled photo in the top right corner because it also has a photo mat.
Here are several photos that we took using the GoPro on our trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island back in the fall. Though we mainly use this camera for shooting videos, it also takes great outdoor photos! So far we have found that when used indoors, the camera struggles to focus and get enough light. The above image was taken in downtown Vancouver.
 This was taken in Stanley Park in Vancouver.
 This was taken on Long Beach, just south of Tofino on the Island.
This was taken near Tofino, BC. Kayaking was such fun!
Finally, this is an example of how I have used GoPro images on a layout. I really like the fisheye look that they have and it is often associated with this camera.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and perhaps you have even become inspired to use a different type of photo in your projects. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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