Tuesday, 1 March 2016

January Project Life Completed

Hello there! I really can't believe that it is March already, the time is just flying by for me. It feels like spring here already as we have had a very mild winter. I'm sure we will get a few more random snow storms, but for now the weather has been beautiful.

Today I am sharing the rest of my January Project Life pages. I guess it is about time because, as I said, it is MARCH! Wow. I will be starting on my February pages very soon and I plan to do some process videos of that. For now, I hope that you enjoy this flip-through and the images that follow!

On another note: I have been posting every Tuesday and Friday for the past several weeks and this schedule seems to be working well for me, so now I am making it official! I post twice a week on regular days! YAY! Thanks for stopping by today and I'll be back Friday!

1 comment:

Jordan C said...

Beautiful! I especially love the colours and layout of the picture of just Rocky. This is going to be such a wonderful, memory filled album!