Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Outgoing Pocket Letters: sent to Germany and USA

I have been having so much fun sending and receiving these awesome pocket letters! If you are interested in knowing more about what these exchanges are about, please check out the website here. Today I am sharing 2 more letters that I sent out, one to the USA and one to Germany. I will also soon be sharing several that I have received and I cannot thank my swap partners enough for the beautiful things they have sent me!

I hope that you enjoy the video! I don't know if Gloria has her work posted anywhere, but Susanne can be found on Youtube and Instagram.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Check back on Friday to see what I have done with my February Project Life!


Jordan C said...

Beautiful once again! I really like that bird tape. I'd love to find out more about these! On your post it says to check out the website "here", but it doesn't seem linked, and I didn't see that you had left a web address for it anywhere. Could you post that with your next pocket letter blog maybe? Thanks!

Heather Ulmer said...

Thank you for the heads up Jordan, I have fixed it now so you can click on the word "here". Thank you for visiting :)

Rene'e said...


I wrote a comment several days ago. But yet, it's not here? I mentioned how much I'd like to participate. I screen shot a couple of pics to print so I could use for reference. They will never be reused for anything but reference. I usually ask first and I do apologize I was just surprised my glowing comments were not published. I do love your work and I loved this idea so much! I've many friends in South Africa and the U.K. So I'll just surprise them. Thank you for sharing. Every time I send one or write about it the credit will be given to you! Thank you again!

Heather Ulmer said...

That is no problem Rene, thank you for giving credit. Sorry to hear that your comment wasn't published, I wouldn't have deleted it, so I don't know what happened! Thanks for stopping by again! :)