Friday, 8 April 2016

February Project Life Completed

It always feels good when I complete a month's worth of Project Life! Here is the last few pages of February and a tiny vlog at the end of the video. I hope you enjoy!

I blurred some sensitive information in these images, but I am happy that I documented these pocket letters I sent out!
Polka dots and wood grain- how can you go wrong!
My parent's pup and cat are too cute! It is a very unusual occurrence that they would get this close to each other!
These glitter letters are from the $1.50 bins at Michaels! The glitter does fall off a bit, but I still love them!
I love this photo (you probably get this sense when you read the simple journaling!) and I am happy that it printed in such good quality. I took it with my iPhone and edited it with Instagram, so I am pleasantly surprised!
This page is much more "smash book" style than I typically would put in a scrapbook, but it works well to display all the pieces of memorabilia that I collected.
The photos from the Home & Garden Show have an interesting story, and I am so happy to be documenting little things like this! I would never have recorded many of these things if not for project Life!
I am hoping to get the first bit of March PL up next week and I will also be sharing a planner update, so check back soon for those! Thank you for visiting today.

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