Friday, 29 April 2016

Photo Transfer Mini Series: Episode Two

Hello all and welcome to the second episode of my Photo Transfer Mini Series! In this episode I share how to cover up or improve a failed photo transfer. I also show you how to use the transfer method to create the look of DIY rub-ons! I used an overhead transparency sheet that was purchased at an office supply store and I printed my photos and Jen Schow's brushstrokes (FREE cut file that I used as a printable!) onto it using an inkjet printer. There are more details on this in Episode One. I will be experimenting with several gel mediums throughout the series and I will be using these photo transfers in many different ways.

The succulent image (my own photography) turned out so vibrant. I am quite happy with this result, despite it being an initial failure! See the video to find out how I turned things around.
You can see here how cleanly the blue brushstroke transferred! I love that it looks just like a rub-on. The washi strips were used to ground the title.
I love creating this texture by simply using wrinkled tissue! This is one of my favourite techniques at the moment.
Here is some more texture and layered paint in the bottom corner.
Thank you for stopping by the blog today! I hope you enjoyed this mixed media tutorial and please check back for the third and final episode next Friday!

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