Friday, 27 May 2016

My Photo Printing Process for Project Life

Hello all and happy Friday! I have had a few questions about how I print my photos, so I decided to make a tutorial! In this video I will go over how I select and gather my photos in one place, how I edit my photos, and how I print them. I hope you find this helpful and can use some of my steps to help refine your own process! Please let me know what you think!

Written Photo Printing Process:
1. Select and gather all photos from all devices in one folder.
  • I email my phone pictures to myself and save them into my Project Life folder for each month.
  • I copy my camera photos from their original location to my Project Life folder.
  • I narrow and purge my photos by considering these questions: is the photo meaningful, is there a story to tell about it, and is it a photo that I love? (I try to make sure each photo is at least two out of these three things, though it is just a guideline!)
2.  Optional: edit the photos.
  • When editing on my phone I like to use the "A Color Story" app (free) and I typically use the curves, contrast, brightness, and saturation tools.
  • When editing photos on my computer I use Pic Monkey. I like the crop and rotate functions and I also adjust the exposure and colour. This is a great free resource!
  • Editing the photos is optional! I like the way that it makes them look, but it is a time consuming process. If you hate it, just skip this step. I wouldn't want anyone to not scrapbook their photos because the editing process takes the fun out of it!
3. Print the photos.
  • I place my edited photos in Microsoft Word and size them accordingly. I print onto Staples brand glossy photo paper using my Canon MG5520. I recommend finding a photo paper that works well with the printer you have.
  • You could also use the software that comes with your printer instead of Word, but I find that mine is too slow and doesn't work efficiently on my laptop.
  • I occasionally print directly from my phone using the Canon Print app, but I find this doesn't work as well when I'm printing large quantities (like I do for Project Life).
I really hope that you found this information helpful. I can't wait to get my April photos into my album because there are so many fun ones this month! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by today!

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