Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Project Life Update: Still Working on April!

Hello all! Today I'm sharing a little update about my Project Life album. As you will see in the video, I haven't exactly been "keeping up" with it, but I'm allowing myself some flexibility. I want the process to be fun and bring back good memories, not stress me out. I will be sharing a Project Life tips video soon because I feel that I have learned a lot in the first couple of months doing this. I will be sharing some ideas to help you stay motivated and have fun with it! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy today's PL spread and the share video.

Check out my Photo Printing Process for details on how I edit and print my photos specifically for Project Life.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short and sweet share of where I'm at. I'm sure many of you Project Lifers have experienced a similar "falling behind" problem, so just know that you are not alone! Thanks for stopping by!

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