Friday, 15 July 2016

My Current Thoughts About Photography

Hello blog readers! Unfortunately I don't have a video or even a crafty project for you today because this week just got away from me. I am currently on my way to Manitoba for a big family reunion, so I thought I would at least give you something here so that you don't have to wait all day for a video to be posted (I doubt that many of you actually do that, but I better be safe!).

These photos are from our recent trip to Livingstone Falls, AB which I mentioned recently. There is just something about these photos that makes me incredibly happy when I look at them. The trip was nothing extraordinarily special as we go camping quite a bit, but somehow they make me very sentimental looking at them now. Do you ever find this happens to you when looking at photos? I can certainly understand reminiscing about older photos that bring back great memories, but these are very recent. They do make me want to get back outside and do more camping because that is something I love, but it seems like there is more to it than this that I can't really explain.
I am having another internal struggle or thought about these photos- I really really want to scrapbook them because i love them so much, but I want to be sure to "do them justice" on a layout or mini album and this brings on some fear or apprehension about actually doing it. Scrapbooking has always been primarily for fun in my case and I know I would enjoy the process of making a project with these. Worst case scenario is that I could always scrapbook them again if the project doesn't turn out as good as I want, however it is still hard to get past this feeling and just START! Do you ever encounter this issue and how do you deal with it?
My sister-in-law took the above photo on my camera of me in the river after I showed her a few that I took of her. I love that she got low to the ground to capture a unique angle and that there is so much of the beautiful scenery in it too! I rarely have photos of myself like this because I am always the one behind the camera. I challenge any of you to hand off the camera to a friend or family member and get them to capture some moments of YOU. You are as important of a subject as anyone else and the photos may help you to tell a valuable story about yourself. Don't be afraid to describe what kind of photos you are looking for, and if you have a willing photographer, make them take several shots until you get the right shot.
This photo was taken by my sister-in-law again. She asked me to take some photos of her and her boyfriend and they looked so freaking adorable that I decided I wanted some with Andrew too. I am so glad she asked for her own photos, because otherwise I wouldn't have thought to take these shots either.

This was a bit of a random post that turned into me talking about how I feel about some aspects of photography. I hope that, in one way or another, this made you consider how you feel about some of your own photos. I will be back next week with more projects, so stick around for that, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Doris Trahan said...

Awesome photos and great compliments to your sister-in-law. That always makes people feel better, the person themself and it shows others your depth of compassion.

Unknown said...

The first thing that comes to mind with these photographs is the intense color! I especially hope that you scrap the one of you in the river. My husband and I love to travel and the majority of our photos are nature related. One of our latest trips was down the Oregon coast visiting the many lighthouses. We also love to visit the National Parks in the United States. I find it extremely hard to find papers that coordinate. Am hopeful that your new paper company will continue with the nature theme!