Tuesday, 9 August 2016

DIY Traveler's Notebook Insert Tutorial

I hope that you enjoy this traveler's notebook insert tutorial! I decorated this one for my husband as a gift for our upcoming anniversary and I plan to document daily reminders of why I love him and am grateful for him. There are limitless possibilities for these notebooks. People use them for planning, documenting photos, journaling, ect. The original ones are made by Midori and they can be placed in leather or fabric covers too. In the video below I will show you how to create this notebook using a simple binding technique with an optional bookmark feature.

Notebook Insert Sizes:
  • Regular: 210 mm H x 110 mm W (8.27" x 4.33")
  • Passport: 124 mm H x 89 mm W (4.88" x 3.50")

Here is another notebook insert that I created to use as a daily journal. I have filled the whole thing up with writing already, so I need to create another one soon! A tab is a good feature to add to the cover's edge if you have several inserts in your notebook cover.
I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this tutorial! I am just starting to get into these little books, but they have been a big fad for quite awhile now. If you would like more information on the original Midori notebook inserts and covers, check out this link. Thank you for stopping by today!

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Pawsitively Creative said...

Very informative and interesting post and video! I bet your husband is thrilled with the affirmations. Awesome sauce idea and lovely design! ~Niki